Thursday, February 21, 2008

what's the difference between a Philosopher and a PhD?

A philosopher learns less and less about more and more until they know nothing about everything.

A PhD learns more and more about less and less until they know everything about nothing.

So what about PhDs in Philosophy?

source: pg 3 by Heptane via Reasonable Deviations. Posted also on PhiloGym.

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  1. KS said

    "That's brilliant smile

    Well, keeping the left side equal for the philosopher and adopting the right side for the action of living as a PhD - the third would learn less and less about less and less, but since they know less about less they must be knowing more about more, so eventually they will know nothing about nothing which would be knowing everything about anything?

    If left side for PhD, right side for Philosopher. Then s/he knows more and more about more and more, eventually tending to knowing all about everything (all non-nothing).

    Just for insult or offence intended to anyone

    This should be submitted as proof positive that a DPhil in Philosophy is the ultimate human quest.

    Ox should of course price accordingly and share the royalties. Pricing would be a factor of knowing more and more and since knowledge is perfectly valued in the world - the more you know the better you are paid - of course this is true - this would mean pay approaching infinity swallowed up primarily by Ox which would be acquiring and retaining this pay less a %. However since the DPhil in Phil student is not keeping all he would have a finite sum of money.

    Ox would become uber-alles.

    (A possibility is that this intangible question will plague the mind of the student, unanswerable - in turn reversing the flow of funds from tending to infinity.)

    As a result of an infinite budget, Ox is able to advertise towards infinite Sales certainty. Labour laws however force Ox to share with its staff. A certain philosophy tutor would receive the lion share of the infinity proportion.

    In a very short time all adults in the world are studying at Ox. By now there's a worldwide financial crisis.

    The governments turn to the DPhil in Phil students to help - unfortunately they cannot turn even for the slightest moment from the learning path and argue that all knowledge, even the bad knowledge, must be acquired. They can only watch and learn - because to interfere would change things and thus the path to perfect knowledge.

    Humankind obliterates itself through inaction and as humans are the epicentre of the universe, this soon follows.

    The creator reviews and decides that the next time he's not creating that damnable opposing thumb (His (it would be a he) exact words "I turn my head for 3 parsnips - the equivalent of 150 000 years - and what'dya know?) - maybe retain the tail on humans whilst at it - and why not make the next Earth flat? with equal conditions all over - no more colour and race? Finally he decides thats no fun, rewatches Friends instantaneously to confirm the reusability of a good mix, rewinds Time and re-runs it all on his new improved Sansui HD Universe Understander (parts made in China).

    Ok, now to concentrate on writing a serious constitution."