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Southampton Science Cafe, 21st February

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I cannot really believe that it's already time for the next Café event, but in only a week's time we have Jim Thurston of the King's College Hospital in London leading a session on 'Is a little bit of Polonium good for you? - Current Issues in Radiation Protection'.

We meet on the 21st of February at 7pm in the Soul Cellar, 78 West Marlands, near the Civic Centre (see the map at

As usual, feel free to advertise to friends, colleagues, etc.

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Is a little bit of Polonium good for you? - Current Issues in Radiation Protection 21st February 2008, 7pm

Jim Thurston, Medical Engineering and Physics, King's College Hospital, London

Every one of us will almost certainly be deliberately exposed to ionising radiation several times during our lifetime, especially for medical or dental diagnosis or treatment. We are also exposed to natural background radiation all the time. The deliberate use of ionising radiation for medical and other purposes has been going on for over 100 years now, and the public perception of the risks resultant from such exposure has changed quite dramatically during that time. However recent events have brought the attention of the public back to considering the potential harm of ionising radiation, such events including the Litvinenko Affair, Terrorism and Dirty Bombs, a return to Nuclear Power, etc.

This talk will give a historical background to the uses of ionising radiation, discuss some of the recent issues in the public domain, and also introduce some of the latest thinking on the actual hazards and risks of exposure to ionising radiation.


The Cafe Scientifique in Southampton


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