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Daniell Dennetts - Breaking the Spell - in pictures

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From: "pickersgill_reef"
Date: Wed Nov 28, 2007 9:41 pm

I am a regular user of flickr and I've found that much more
successful. If you're interested, I have a set of pictures associated
with a discusion of Dennett's Breaking the Spell

Hi Emo

Yes, I'm interested in good ways of explaining Darwin's ideas in
debate. You're right, there's lots of misunderstanding and
misrepresentation out there.

I'll try to be as brief as I can on your flickr question.

First, as a photographer, obviously I have an obvious affinity for the
site. However, I think there are some generally good things about it.

I find that it has a critical mass of people on it and so all the
projects I've been involved in benefit from being able to tap into
this vast community. It's a more fertile place in which to get a meme
to spread.

I also like the fact that discussions are linked to images. These act
as mnemonic devises for me - I find it easier to remember where
different arguments and threads are located.

The use of images breaks up the discussion too and sometimes an image
makes the point more concisely and eloquently than can be easily
achieved in text alone. It also means that a discussion can flow from
one picture to another, preventing a discussion getting so long in one
location that it's impossible for people to join in without spending
hours reading what's gone before.

Flickr seems a place where there's less flaming, trolling and general
bad humour.

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