Wednesday, February 06, 2008

17 million people (36%) of people in Britian share broadly humanist values

Who shares broadly humanist values?

17 million people (36%) of people in Britian

Who thinks that "right and wrong" can be determined by human nature without religious teachings?
62% for human nature (only 27% for religious teachings)

What determines "right and wrong"? 62% say human nature is sufficient to decide. 27% believe religious teachings are required. (7% said Neither or Don't know)

And yet who thinks the Government pays too much
attention to religious groups and leaders?
42% of the population!

If you count yourself amongst the rapidly growing number of humanists in Britain, or resent the growing influence of unrepresentative 'faith leaders' on Government policy, please join the BHA today!

The figures above come from a Mori poll. See the poll results on humanist beliefs. See the poll results on the influence of religious groups and leaders

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