Tuesday, February 05, 2008

Philosophy? A Luxury by Giovanni De Grandis

Philosophy? A Luxury by Giovanni De Grandis - Friday, 1 February 2008, 02:27 PM

Stephen Law advocates philosophy arguing that it is useful and benefits society.
In some postings I have read some second thoughts about that.
But do we really need to defend philosophy appealing to its usefulness?
At a certain point in my life I got tired of being asked by people 'what are you going to do with philosophy?', or 'what's the use of philosophy?'. So I began to answer that philosophy is a luxury. It has no particular use, but its beautiful and enjoyable.
Do we need to justify our willingness to play games, contemplate beauty, fall in love? No, we don't. So why should we justify philosophy?
It is a little treat that makes our life richer.

Was I wrong in adopting this strategy?

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