Friday, April 22, 2011

Paul Dirac - The Inventor of Anti-Matter ... and the Bra! The Einstein of Britain.

thanks to Tim Jones

The Strange Mr. Paul Dirac - The Einstein of Britain. Silent theoretician of the secrets of the universe. Engineer. Physicist. Inventor of the bra. Most people on the street have heard of antimatter, through science fiction and Dan Brown– but those people probably haven't heard of the person who figured antimatter out. Graham Farmelo spent five years studying the life of physicist Paul Dirac, trying to figure out what made him tick. Graham Farmelo, The Strangest Man, Allen and Unwin - interviewed by Nija Dalal.

Saturday, April 16, 2011

Stephen Fry at Harvard

Heroes the Enlightenment struggle, Percey Bische Shelley expelled from Oxford for atheism... understood Greek myths, Promethius, if gods then are capricious, inconsistent.  Futile theology, theodicy.. a comic strip. Spirit in man who wants to make us guility, Catholic dogma, crime of being born, arid insulting dogma. Oscar Wilde viva voce, the revenge of secular world over religious world ... 
8'40": If you are humanists, be citizens of the world. You can engage or play or be graceful with the minds of others - but don't ever dare to try to own the minds of others. 

In 1980s, Karl Mark (politics), John Lennon (rocknroll), collapse of Berlin Wall, will not save the world. In 1990s - Albert Einstein and Oscar Wilde. Life of the mind. Ability to play gracefully with ideas.