Wednesday, February 06, 2008

If God did exist, and you could ask one question, what would you ask?

Over 2m Britons have now taken the Alpha course, “an opportunity to explore the meaning of life” The Economist, November 1st 2007
What gives priests the right to tell us what to do, when so many of them, for example Ron Haggard or the Bishop of Carlisle, are either bad or mad? And what about priests who abuse children?

why do you allow so much hurt to happen in the world

Why do you make sure all of the evidence relating to your existence or non-existence points so strongly in the non-existence direction?

why do children have to suffer?

why do people die young

Why all the suffering in the world?

why are some people evil?

why did it take you so long so create your chosen species and in what way is it superior to the other species you have invented?

Do you agrre with the Bishop of Carlisle that floods in the Uk are due to God's punishment of lax moral standards?

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