Saturday, September 08, 2007

petition the Prime Minister

source: NSS Newsline September 7th 2007

From Andrew Main:
We petition the Prime Minister to ensure that all religious education in schools is informative but non doctrinal. That it is there to enable young people to make informed opinions and not be led by every fanatical view from one side or the other.

We petition the Prime Minister to:
Make all state funded schools in the UK secular.
Outlaw Religious Slaughter – Halal and Humane is animal Torture.
Allow civil wedding ceremonies to be undertaken in the open air, or anywhere the participants want.
Follow the lead of Australia and tell Radicals who want sharia law to leave.
Remove all arbitrary tax and other benefits given to religious organisations.
Ensure that Doctors, if unwilling themselves, refer women to other Doctors in matters of abortion and contraceptive services.
Ban the wearing of religious symbols from schools and public offices.

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