Wednesday, September 12, 2007

The young and the faithless

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The young and the faithless

A survey has shown that two in five teenagers say they don't believe in God while 92% of over-65s do. Is religious belief in decline?

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Young people say a prayer. Photographer: David Sillitoe.

A Morrison poll on religious beliefs, commissioned by the British Library, shows that two out of every five teenagers say they don't believe in God. Once people reach their 20s, this figure falls to one in five, and among those aged 65 and over it falls to 8%.

A spokesman for the British Library raised this question in response: "Does this mean people tend to find faith or become more religious as they get older - or does it mean the younger generation are increasingly less likely to follow a religion?"

Is age a factor in the results or is religious belief in decline?

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