Sunday, September 23, 2007

Why I do not believe in God

"Why I do not believe in God" is for discussion today at Dorset Humanists discussion group at the Commodore Hotel, Southbourne.

Here are Sharons' reasons for not believing in God (in no particular order)
  1. not enough evidence / proof for gods
  2. son of god is a story
  3. gods are an emotional prop & scapegoat
  4. man cannot accept natural explanations or is ignorant of them therefore he posits supernatural reasons - god
Here are my reasons for not believing in God (in no particular order)
  1. no good evidence for gods or God
    1. prayer
    2. revelation
    3. existence of god is a scientific hypothesis
    4. i'm a 6.9/7 atheist
    5. russell - teapot / tooth fairies / FSM
  2. gods were created by charlatans (popes, priests, rabbis etc) to exercise power
    1. satan
    2. dont read books that critisise
    3. childhood indoctrination
    4. must be spiratual
  3. an all powerful, all benevolent god would not allow hunger, disease etc
  4. numerous gods - none of them exist - exept in the mind of man
  5. all gods were created by man
  6. if god created the universe - who created god?
  7. belief in god is a delusion of the mind
    1. delusion: a false belief or impression
  8. science shows that god is not neccessary to explain the world
    1. darwin & natural selection
      1. gradual evolution gives creative intelligence eg man
    2. big bang & cosmology
  9. no belief in supernatural or superstitious
    1. no soul, no miracles - except for things science does not yet understand
  10. religions entrap the mind; liberty, reason, philosophy & science frees the mind

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