Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Time for a Change - Richard hogg leaflet v0.7

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Time for a Change - Richard hogg leaflet v0.7 dated 17th September 2007 replaces v6 leaflet.

I've compared v7 to the new BHA leaflet which was produced July-August 2007 (after Toynbee became President).

A5 sides 4 2 1
freedom of belief / human mind Y Y Y
positive alternative to religion Y Y Y
Rational approach to ethics / morals Y Y Y
One life Y Y Y
Non religious Y Y Y
without superstition Y Y N
Non religious statistics Y Y N
anti - Fundamentalist Y Y N
Humanists are atheists or agnostics Y N N
freedom of speech Y N N
charity Y N N
Science N Y N
supernatural beliefs are human creations N N Y
treat all with compassion & sympathy N N Y
practical help whatever beliefs N N Y
resist prejudice and dogma N N Y
equal rights for non religious N N Y
no religious bias and conflict N N Y
End Religious privilege Y Y Y
religious have disproportionate influence Y Y Y
Bishops in Lords Y Y N
Public services contracted out Y N N
support Separation of church and state N N Y
educate regardless of parental beliefs Y Y N
faith schools Y Y N
reform RE Y N N
balanced education Y N N
worship at school assemblies Y N N
Humanist beliefs included in childrens education N N Y
BHA & local groups
campaign methods Y N N
Join local Humanist group N Y Y
Link online to local groups N Y N
Humanist ceremonies N Y N

I suggest v7 is amended to include the following features

page 1, para 5
Humanists are mostly atheists or agnostics who make sense of the world..

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