Thursday, September 27, 2007

About the British Humanist Association Science Group

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About the British Humanist Association Science Group

The BHA Science Group is for all members of the BHA with an interest in science. You do not need any formal scientific qualifications to join, but you do need to have a passion for science and a concern for the role of science in society.

The group has two broad aims. Firstly, it
aims to encourage interest and awareness of humanism (and membership of the BHA!) among scientists and people with a scientific bent.
It will do this by reaching out to such people who are not currently members, and also by providing news and activities and information to those who are already BHA members.

the group aims to increase improve understanding of scientific knowledge and principles among the BHA membership and wider public.
It will do this by providing resources on relevant topics to any and all interested individuals.

Currently, the group operates informally, with activity focussed on a Yahoo! discussion forum. Members are encouraged to take an active role in developing the group and increasing its scope. There is a great opportunity to make a meaningful contribution, as well as simply to share thoughts and chat informally with like-minded people. So if you are a BHA member with an interest in science, please join us at the link on the right.

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