Saturday, September 08, 2007

Christian churches ban yoga teaching

source: NSS Newsline September 7th 2007

From Diana Foweraker:
Two Christian churches in Taunton (C of E and Baptist) have banned the use of their premises for teaching yoga to toddlers because the respective ministers claim yoga is 'unchristian' and teaches Hindu and Buddhist philosophy. I have been attending remedial yoga classes for several years and always thought these were to help with my breathing and flexibility rather than indoctrinate me into Eastern mysticism. Preventing little children from enjoying a bit of exercise with their Mums is just another example of the triumph of bigotry over humanity and common sense. What could toddlers possibly understand of such religious differences anyway? And wasn't Jesus supposed to have said 'Suffer the little children to come unto me?' (Not a chance mate, if they're coming for yoga classes.)

Although the whole thing is so ludicrous, most people's response is naturally enough to laugh. There is a serious side to it. If these ridiculous, deluded god-botherers were ever to obtain more power, things would get far nastier than simply banning yoga classes. Back in the fifteenth century, their predecessors were burning 'heretics' at the stake, and their Islamic equivalents today stone adulteresses and indulge in suicide bombings. Hopefully, some good will come out of this story by alerting people to the intolerance embedded even in the so-called nice, liberal, sanitised C of E and convert a few more of them to atheism.

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