Saturday, September 08, 2007

Scouts hypocrisy

From Andrew Nixon:
With regards to Scouting's 100th anniversary, NSS Newsline readers may wish to read and pass on this link to a relevant part of their "equal" opportunities policy:

Check out the hypocrisy. First they say, "no person volunteering their services should receive less favourable treatment on the basis of, nor suffer disadvantage by reason of:…political or religious belief" and two lines later say, "With reference to religious belief, the avowed absence of religious belief is a bar to appointment to a Leadership position."

It used to actually say outright that discrimination was acceptable where a person "proclaims atheism as a positive way of life", so they have toned it down slightly, but the bigotry is clear for all to see.

source: NSS Newsline September 7th 2007

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