Friday, June 01, 2007

South West London Humanists

From: Jane Bannister, Chair, Dorset Humanists, April 2007
To: Chris Street, Committee member Dorset Humanists
".. I think monitoring other BHA groups and reporting on their successes will be really helpful to our own development."

What are other local BHA groups doing? Here is my random selection of local BHA group activities - South West London Humanists:-
  • atheist resource
  • science of happiness & religion
  • group formed January 2007
  • latest talk dominates front page
  • pdf flyer of talk
  • Meetings 2007
    • Discussion of Richard Dawkins's 'The God Delusion'
    • where morals come from
  • google map for each event listed
  • Campaigns
    • focuses on two areas - reacting to issues arising in local media and giving support to selected British Humanist Association national campaigns
      • BBC Radio 4's Thought for the Day
      • Marriage Equality
      • House of Lords reform
      • Faith schools
      • A Secular European Constitution
      • Pledge to send every MP copy of The God Delusion
      • Campaign News
  • Charities
    • Fundraising
      • collecting unwanted new or used books, CDs and DVDs to sell on Amazon's Marketplace
      • - raise funds for charity
  • Resources
    • website links
    • alternative local humanist groups
  • Suggested Reading
    • Purchasing books through the Amazon links supports the BHA
    • good list of books,

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