Thursday, June 21, 2007

new petitions on the Number 10 website

From NSS Newsline 15th June 2007

From Robert Ager:
Here is a selection of new petitions on the Number 10 website that Newsline readers might want to consider. Ban overt religious symbology make illegal the operation of any sharia court in the UK outlaw all forms of body mutilation including but not limited to genital mutilation If Intelligent Design is Scientific fact then so should all other Supernatural occurrences abolish the compulsory R.E lessons for year 10 students and allow them to take an extra GCSE Put pressure on the Pakistani Government to protect minority Christians from extremists The Government should not fund any organisation unless they abide completely with anti-discrimination legislation and the Human Rights Act. Ban the use of public money to fund the training of imans or any other pro muslim cause. Cease the proposed funding of Islamic studies in Universities. not fund Iman training with £1m of taxpayers money but instead prosecute extremist Imans to make christmas themed advertising and decorations in commercial outlets before November illegal

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