Saturday, June 02, 2007

How do you respond to the religious festivals and religious stories children hear at school?

From BHA site:
"Religious festivals and stories are treated by us as part of the culture of this country, to be learnt about and enjoyed like other celebrations/folklore/stories, but minimising the religious aspects.”

"I am personally interested in beliefs told through stories, and enjoy learning about festivals, and so although I can critically dissect the ‘facts’ they present if necessary, my children's understanding of my general view about religious belief is all I'm concerned for them to know. Constantly attacking something is boring as well as ineffective, I think.”

"We celebrate Easter and Christmas at home. I don't see any incongruity in this. Celebrating is fun. The children participate in religious aspects of these festivals at school, but they don't take them too seriously. They know that there is no Santa Clause and no Easter bunny. By the same token they know that there is no god and no life after death.”

“Religious festivals at school were entirely Christian, and we joined in with the festivities without feeling any obligation to believe the stories they were based on, pretty much as we still do.”

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