Sunday, June 17, 2007

Militant & Evangelical Atheists

Vernon fails to identify that science is never 100% certain about anything - everything is provisionally true - until evidence comes along to provide a new provisional truth. Some things are very likely or more or less likely to be true but nothing is 100% certain.

Read Mark Vernon in The Guardian and the 100s of comments that follow:-

... I suspect that a similar process of conversion followed by disillusion is underway again today. Though this time it is not as a result of evangelical Christianity, but evangelical atheism. As AC Grayling has recently pointed out, there is no denying that the books of atheists like Richard Dawkins are being bought in their hundreds of thousands, much as individuals responded to Billy Graham in their hundreds of thousands. A simple message is on offer. This is the way life is. Live thus and be free.

... the rhetoric of the militant atheists is as bizarre and irrelevant as the evangelical call to confess.

... What is lost to their converts is the capacity to deal with something that lies at the heart of the human condition: uncertainty. The refusal of uncertainty, and the corresponding lust for certainty, is what evangelicals of both the religious and scientific sort trade on.


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