Saturday, June 02, 2007

What do Humanists tell the children? - Resources

Jane Wynne Wilson Parenting Without God – the experiences and wisdom of a humanist parent and grandparent.

Atheist Mum : blog by a BHA member and mother

Robert Coles The Moral Intelligence of Children (Random House, 1997, ISBN 0-679-44811-X), written by “one of America ’s leading authorities on young people”, full of anecdotes, wide-ranging and sensible, and fairly free of psycho-jargon.

Nicholas Humphreys What shall we tell the children ? - an Amnesty lecture given at Oxford in 1997, advocating that children be protected from their parents’ (religious) beliefs, on children’s rights grounds. He also makes a persuasive case for them being brought up as rational, scientifically educated people – because this is what anyone would choose if they could make a free informed choice.

National Family and Parenting Institute(NFPI) is the website of an independent charity working to support parents in bringing up their children, to promote the well-being of families and to make society more family-friendly.

See also see Books for Bereaved Children recommended by humanist families and the BHA.
Childhood Bereavement Network for lots of good advice for parents, carers and trainers.

Morality without Religion - psychologist, humanist and broadcaster Margaret Knight's historic 1955 radio broadcasts on teaching morality without religion still contain much of value today

Moral panics, moral education and religion - BHA education officer reflects on humanist Margaret Knight's historic broadcasts and their relevance today.

Read extracts from The art of creating ethics man , a reassuring 2006 article about moral develpment in children here .

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