Wednesday, June 20, 2007

BHA News - May / June 2007 - In Brief

Warning - Bible may cause offence
In Hong Kong 838 citizens have called for the Bible to carry a label warning that it contains 'indecent content' for verses referring to rape, violence, cannibalism and incest. If the complaints, registered with Hong Kong's Television and Entertainment Licensing Authority, are upheld, the Bible will be sold only to those over eighteen years old

The judge and the crucifix

Luigi Tosti, the italian judge who refused to sit in the presence of a crucifix while dispensing secular justice, has lost an appeal he launched against a gaol sentence. Mr Tosti had his sentence of seven months' imprisonment confirmed and was also exclued from public buidlings for one year. Tosti intends to pursue appeals right up to the human rights court in Strasbourg.

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