Friday, June 01, 2007

Lewisham Humanists

From: Jane Bannister, Chair, Dorset Humanists, April 2007
To: Chris Street, Committee member Dorset Humanists
".. I think monitoring other BHA groups and reporting on their successes will be really helpful to our own development."

What are other local BHA groups doing? Here is my random selection of local BHA group activities - next - Lewisham Humanists:-
  • affiliated to National Secular Society & British Humanist Association
  • humanist equivalents to hospital chaplains campaign
  • prefer religion to be seen as part of history and literary heritage; we think it should not be taught as fact
  • oppose acts of worship by any faith in state schools.
  • campaign for abolition of faith based state schools.
  • Our advice to youngsters is, in common with advice they are given about drugs: JUST SAY NO TO RELIGION!
  • actively oppose the corrosive forces of irrationalism in religion but recognise that locally there are many good folk with whom we may disagree but can nevertheless work alongside for good community and race relations.
  • President: Barbara Smoker
  • 2007 Meetings
    • Martin Rowson (Guardian & New Humanist cartoonist) 'how to stand up to the Resurgence of Religion'
    • A RATIONALIST LOOKS AT ISLAM - speaker Asad Abbas
    • DO HUMANISTS NEED THE CONCEPT OF EVIL ? - speaker Barbara Smoker
  • Archive of meetings
    • 20 YEARS OF FREETHOUGHT by Barry Duke, editor of The Freethinker magazine
    • THE SECRET OF LIFE - DNA by Sue Aldridge (Science Writer)

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