Saturday, May 31, 2008

Quotes of the week - NSS Newsline

"All the research shows that the majority of people in this country do not want their lives to be run by religious leaders or religious institutions. But the entrenched power of the churches will be difficult to remove, and unless we band together to resist, religion will continue to dominate our schools and play an undemocratic part in our governance. Join the growing resistance – join the NSS. Go to and pay securely on-line today."

30 May 2008

Quotes of the week
"We realised that all our doubts, all the things we had been fobbed off about by priests and teachers, we had been right about all along. We were right to ask these questions and, no, they didn't have an answer, they were just very good at telling you to stop looking for it."
(Novelist Christopher Brookmyre telling of his loss of faith in Scotland on Sunday)

"You would think that by now Allah's message might be getting through. Time after time Muslim fanatics attempt to wreak devastation in Britain - and succeed only in blowing themselves up, or setting themselves on fire, or their explosives refuse to do the decent thing and explode - while we infidel cockroaches look on in bemusement, quite unharmed. If you were a devout believer, you might put two and two together and begin to suspect that Allah doesn't entirely approve of blowing British people to bits. He would much rather his jihadis stayed at home and watched the Eurovision Song Contest, or did a spot of gardening, or took the dog for a walk."
(Rod Liddle, Sunday Times)

"As noble as this fight against abortion may seem, Pope Benedict and the Vatican hierarchy are using it as a not-so-secret weapon to bend national governments to their will. As pro-Catholic governments start popping up across Europe, in part on account of the abortion issue, what other doctrines will begin to be enforced? What started out as a fight for the lives of unborn babies could end up as a fight to enforce Sunday worship or universal acceptance of papal infallibility."
(Editorial, The Trumpet)

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