Thursday, May 01, 2008

If you agree with SOME of the HASSERS 7 Statements (May 2008) become an Affiliate Member

If you agree with SOME BUT NOT ALL of HASSERS 7 Statements (May 2008), sign and leave a comment to this post.

Write "I agree with HASSERS 7 Statements (May 2008) EXCEPT (Humanist - Atheist - Scientific - Secularist - Ethical - Rationalist - Sceptics). {delete as required} statement(s)."

  • You will then be an Affiliate Member of HASSERS - see HASSERS Members (column right).
  • You will be invited to author new articles on HASSERS blog
If instead you agree with ALL HASSERS 7 Statements became an Associate Member by signing here.

If HASSERS Statements are updated you will have to sign again to be a current Affiliate member.

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