Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Creationism, and intellectual black holes

Nick C and I met a YEC at HASSERS 3. This meeting has had unexpected consequences - philosopher Phil left HASSERS very indirectly as a result of this meeting, as discussed in our HASSERS Google Forum.

Incidentally, has anyone got any information regarding Young Earth Creationists who have ceased being Young Earth Creationists (or even become atheists)?

And have any once confirmed atheists ever ended up YECs?

While lots of religious have become atheists, and vice verse, I am guessing there are very few examples of either of these categories.

I suspect (though it's speculation, I admit), that Young Earth Creationism is an intellectual black hole - that the psychological and other forces that make religion so seductive become so concentrated in the U.S. version of YEC that they reach a critical mass: so that, once you're in, there's no way out again (certainly, not by means of reason).

But I would like to be proved wrong....

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