Thursday, May 01, 2008

HASSERS are de facto Atheist antitheists who affirm,in all probability, that god(s) do not exist.

HASSERS 2nd Statement
(from Ist May 2008, replacing 'Antireligious')


ASSNERS - de facto Atheist
antitheists who affirm,
in all probability, that god(s) do not exist.

updated September 2009

Atheist (wikipedia)
  1. the absence of belief in deities (weak atheism)
  2. affirms the non existence of gods (strong atheism)
  3. rejects theism.
Weak and Strong Atheism

A chart showing the relationship between the definitions of weak/strong and implicit/explicit atheism. An implicit atheist has not thought about belief in gods; such an individual would be described as implicitly without a belief in gods. An explicit atheist has made an assertion regarding belief in gods; such an individual may eschew belief in gods (weak atheism), or affirm that gods do not exist (strong atheism).

De facto Atheists
The validity of the weak/strong atheist categorisation is disputed. A few prominent atheists such as Richard Dawkins avoid the strong/weak distinction. In The God Delusion Dawkins describes people for whom the probability of the existence of God is between "very high" and "very low" as "agnostic" and reserves the term "strong atheist" for "I know there is no god". He categorises himself as a "de facto atheist" (6.8 out of 7) but not a "Strong Atheist (7/7)".[2]

Atheists generally adhere to the scientific world-view and assert that when proposing a theory - such as that a god or gods exist(s) - the burden of proof is on the proposer.[4] That is, for example, someone who proposes a god has the burden to prove that there is one. It does not fall upon others to prove that there is not one.

Antitheism (wikipedia)
is active opposition to belief in an any gods or deities. Theism is the belief that god(s) exist and that there is sufficient reason to believe that god(s) exist.

What should 'A' in HASSERS stand for?
After discussion Jan-April 2008 in HASSERS google forum and a poll it was decided to replace 'Antireligious' (December 2007 - April 2008) by 'Atheist'.

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