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British Humanist Association calls for changes in Primary Curriculum

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British Humanist Association calls for changes in Primary Curriculum

The British Humanist Association (BHA) today made a submission to the DCSF’s Rose Review of the Primary Curriculum, calling for a

reform of religious education (RE), a focus on the development of morals, values and social interaction, inclusive assemblies and the teaching of evolution and scientific method in all primary schools.

Andrew Copson, BHA Director of Education and Public Affairs, said, ‘Our submission to the Primary Review incorporates a vital and large part of our work in education – the reform of the primary curriculum to suit better the needs of all children, and to ensure that primary education is inclusive and consistent across all maintained schools.’

Mr Copson continued, ‘In our submission, we make clear the need to

reform RE to be a national curriculum subject involving learning about religious and non-religious worldviews, and to promote critical thinking skills. We call for Citizenship Education to be made a statutory part of the curriculum and we make the case, again, for the urgent need to replace divisive compulsory collective worship with inclusive assemblies.’

For further comment or information, please email Andrew Copson or telephone on 020 7079 3584

Read the British Humanist Association’s submission to the Rose Review of the Primary Curriculum here . is the first stage of a BHA project for 2008/9 which aims to provide resources not just to teachers but also to teacher trainers, student, parents and governors.

Read the BHA’s policy on religion and schools A Better Way Forward here .

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