Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Paul Kurtz in Romania - 5th May 2008 - part one

Center For Inquiry is now in the London (Feb 2008) and in 42 countries.

CfI - commited to Research, defend use of science and reason, Secularist (Church indep of political institutions), humanism, democracy, new Planetary (pref. to global) Humanism, Moral Excellence and Nobility. Altruism. Integrity, Fairness, Responsibilty,

Book by Paul Kurtz: Affirmations

We believe in:- optimism, learning, joy, tolerance, love, compassion, reason. New morality for planetary civilisation based on Humanism. You dont have to believe in god to be moral (Aristotle, Kant, JS Mill, Spinoza, John Dewey) Open, democratic. Preserve earth for future generations, transcend divisions of ethnicity, creed, religion etc. Common good of humanity. Democracy to protect human rights. Scientific Discovery.

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