Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Vote for "BHA Group Best Website 2008"

HASSERS have selected 7 BHA Local Group Websites (from a total of 70) to be semi-finalists in the competition for:-

BHA Group Best Website 2008

The semi-finalist websites are:-
Vote for your 3 favourite websites at HASSERS ( ("BHA Groups Best Website" in column right). Before voting you must visit each of the 7 websites and you should read HASSERS reviews. Only BHA or BHA local group members should vote.

Does the website?
  • Encourage people to join the local group?
  • Keep local group members informed?
  • Have content that engages Humanists?
Full details about the competition.

The winner from the 3 semi-finalists will be chosen by the sponsors HASSERS.

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