Thursday, January 31, 2008

Redefintions & Comments of HASSERS - Humanist term

Nick C said in HASSERS forum Jan 22nd:

Humanist-----Projects confusion and the word may put people off. I
have personal experience of this as I knew about Dorset humanists and
never attended, yet as soon a smaller atheist group came along who
weren't solely humanist, I came along.

Richard G said in HASSERS forum Jan 22nd:

Humanist - I too have difficulty understanding what Humanism actually is. From what I have seen, I go along with most of it and I would identify with

it in the following sense. If the morality of religion is "in group
morality" (see "Love Thy Neighbor") as opposed to "general morality",
the latter is a far better thing that should be strived for. The
"group", in general morality, is the whole of humanity (and, to some
extent, animals as well).

Mon 21/07/2008 18:18 Maria MacLachlan said "Human values are those qualities that come under the broad headings of love, peace, justice, truth and responsibility."

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