Thursday, January 10, 2008

Blasphemy - a result!

from Margaret Nelson - SUFFOLK HUMANIST NEWS

Thanks to those who contacted their MP about Dr Evan Harris's proposed amendment to the Criminal Justice Bill this evening.

I watched the debate on BBC Parliament. Dr Harris stated the case for abolition clearly and eloquently. At the end, Government Justice Minister Maria Eagle said they had "every sympathy for the case for formal abolition" and promised that the Government would bring in its own amendment, after a swift consultation with the C of E, Dr Harris withdrew his amendment.

Assuming nothing goes wrong, it seems that blasphemy will be removed from the statute books before long.

After a letter in favour of abolition in the Telegraph today, signed by former Archbishop of Canterbury Lord Carey and former Archbishop of Oxford Lord Harries, the Government feared a backbench revolt over the issues as a result of considerable lobbying by NSS and BHA members, amongst others.

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