Monday, January 14, 2008

Secularist Organisations

Secularism is an important framework in which people of different religious beliefs and none can live together on an equal footing. Campaigning for secularism is one issue that religious and non-religious people can collaborate on.

Secularism is the clear separation between religion and politics, between matters of faith and affairs of the state. To say that the State has no religion does not mean that the State is anti-religion or for example that pupils cannot learn about different religions and belief in school.

The word 'secular' is often wrongly taken to mean the opposite of ‘religious.’ However, if anything, the opposite of secular is communal, while the opposite of the word religious is atheist.

There are many religious as well as atheist secularist organisations: Atheist eg NSS, BHA; British Muslims for Secular Democracy; Christian secularists: eg Ekklesia, Catholics for Free Choice, Multifaith secularists Jewish secularists.

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