Sunday, April 27, 2008

What the World thinks of God - part 4

39secs - JV: what is your comfort level with Americas evangelisation?
JM: disturbed by extremely intense religious commitments particularly when politics is involved; disturbing is association of religion with patriotism / nationalism, and insistance that religion is to do with morality. Fairness and decency don't arise from religion (may be associated with instituations it has established) - it arises out of increased understanding of one another which does not depend on belief in a god.

Shawn Hughes: 3min 52secs, In Britain religion was not forced on them as a child (unlike Nigeria) hence low levels of religious belief
Susan Greenfield 5min 20secs: talk about belief not god

In UK 29% of Atheists pray sometimes! (6min 55secs)

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