Sunday, April 27, 2008

What the World thinks of God - part 2

Jonathan Miller (JM) 3min 45secs.
Jeremy Vine (JV). Their seems a huge majority for a belief in God. How do you feel about that as an Atheist?
JM: I'm reluctant to use word Atheist - not because I'm ashamed of it but I would never use a special term to describe my disbelief in witches or fairies and notion of atheism is thrust on those who have never entertained thoughts of god. Atheism is a badge or label which would be shameful to deny it. I dont know what people are talking about when they use that glotally stopped monosyllable (God). Fortunately no-one got to me before my cognitive immune system got working. Enormous numbers of people dont give a thought about God and dont even think about disbelief.

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