Sunday, April 13, 2008

Secular Seasons

Get ideas to celebrate Humanist holidays! Secular Seasons lists them around the world, by month.

Secular Seasons say " We would like all individuals, groups, and organizations to contribute by sharing your ideas, suggestions .. We here at the Institute for Humanist Studies are striving to expand the options and alternatives for holidays, ... If you have invented your own holiday or tradition, adapted an existing one, or know of one that is not listed, please feel free to share not only with us, but with the entire secularist community and the world. Please contact us with your ideas.

Via BHA:

Secular Seasons
The Institute for Humanist Studies is re-launching their Secular Seasons website. The revitalised site aims to provide information and resources about new global holidays that transcend separate nationalities, religions and cultures; share resources for organising personalized rites of passage, such as weddings and funerals, for people seeking an alternative to traditional religious ceremonies; list major freethought conferences and events, and create opportunities to honour great discoveries, developments and exemplary people from human history.

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