Monday, April 21, 2008

Evolution v Creation - EvC - a huge resource on the internet

I found this site via a link in New Scientist article on Evolution.

Dipping into EvC forums I found for instance Science forums, a sub forum on Big Bang and Cosmology and a post Before Big Bang: God or Singularity
with a Closing Assessment

about understanding science "...what this thread makes clear is that you can only explain something to someone who already believes it is true. If they believe it is false then they'll find every excuse and opportunity to avoid reaching an understanding. But this practice isn't unique to those approaching science from a spiritual perspective, it is also true of the reverse, as we often see when science minded folks ask Christians about the Trinity. So the problem becomes how do you explain something to someone who doesn't believe it and only wants to disprove it? We can argue that one doesn't have to accept it, just understand it, but this turns out not to be so easy to do, for anyone from either side of this debate. "

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