Saturday, January 31, 2009

HASSERS to redefine our statement 'Sceptics'

In the first 2 draft of HASSERS statements (December 2007 & May 2008) I defined Sceptics - HASSERS are Sceptics who suspend judgment because knowledge is rarely final. More

The rating was 57% (lowest score of all May 2008 statements).

The Sceptics statement (January 2009) will be defined as:
HASSERS are Sceptics who are disposed to incredulity & doubt hence suspend final judgment; are intellectually cautious & continually test their knowledge.

Anonymous said "

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

A skeptic should not be an atheist. A skeptic 'suspends judgment' whereas an atheist has made a judgment and claims to know what is not known, just as a theist does. A skeptic should be an agnostic not an atheist. The scientific approach should be based on doubt, uuncertainty and probability especially since the arrival of Quantum Physics.

30 January 2008 15:53

and I replied
Blogger Chris Street said...

It depends on what you mean by Atheist. As an atheist I have found there to be insufficient evidence for me to subscribe to the idea that God exists. I do not know that God definitely does not exist. In this sense I am agnostic. For all practical purposes however, I am an atheist.

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