Tuesday, January 06, 2009

HASSERS or HASSNERS? Vote for 'Naturalistic'

Are you Naturalistic? The natural world (i.e. the Universe) is all that exists. All observable events in nature are explainable only by natural causes. Nothing supernatural or mystical exists.

We have had 13 Votes For and None against (in a few days) the statement 'Naturalistic'. The name of this group will be changed from HASSERS to HASSNERS with immediate effect.

Thanks to everyone who voted and to Naumadd for his idea.

HASSERS Associate member Naumadd (Seattle, USA) joined on 2nd January 2009. He suggests "a statement that appears missing - NATURALIST - HANSSERS affirm that "nature" is synonymous with "exists" in that nature is all that exists, all that ever has, and all that ever will exist.

Some positive statement regarding the nature of reality or "all that exists" must be made which provides the basis for all other positive statements. More clearly, one needs a positive metaphysical statement that supports one's positive statements regarding epistemology (the nature of knowledge), ethics (the nature of values), politics (the nature of human relationships) and aesthetics (the nature of beauty and ugliness). Granted, in the seven statements there are hints as to one's position in these categories, however, in the least, a clear statement regarding one's belief on the nature of reality must set the stage for the rest.

For secular humanist atheist ethical rationalist sceptics there is a very clear difference between their answer as to the basic nature of reality and the answer of theists. That basic difference sets the stage for all other disagreements."

Naumadd suggested 'Naturalistic be  added
I replied ..
"Thanks Naumadd for your Naturalist statement suggestions. Naturalistic is a term used by Brights - & I do think it captures an important element of the HASSERS statements which is not explicitly stated. I'm going to create a poll to see what others think of Naturalistic as an addition to HASSERS to form acronym HASSNERS or HANSSERS.

From Wikipedia, "Philosophical naturalism is, as a position, the idea that all phenomena can be explained in terms of natural causes and laws. In its broadest and strongest sense, naturalism is the metaphysical position that "nature is all there is and all basic truths are truths of nature."[1] This is generally referred to as metaphysical or ontological naturalism. Any method of inquiry or investigation or any procedure for gaining knowledge that limits itself to natural, physical, and material approaches and explanations can be described as naturalistic."

This is the meaning of Naturalistic in the HASSNERS statements.

NB. Another basic form, called methodological naturalism, is the epistemology and methodological principle which forms the foundation for the scientific method. It requires that scientific hypotheses are explained and tested by reference to natural causes and events.[2] Yet another form of naturalism is the idea that the methods of science should be used in philosophy.

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