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"It always does annoy me when people say about atheists that they are amoral and heartless. The opposite is true." - Ricky Gervais

"...the religious paint unbelievers as poor desiccated rationalists, not only without values, but joyless, lacking a sense of mystery, devoid of awe." - Polly Toynbee

Atheists have long been looked down upon and criticised for their lack of religious beliefs. While open debate as to whether God exists is widespread, so are prejudiced views that paint atheists as lesser people. These views lead to insulting comments and occasionally downright hateful attacks aimed at atheists, the majority of whom are happy to live alongside religious peoples.

What Is Atheophobia?
Atheophobia is an irrational fear or hatred of atheists that manifests as a strong prejudice against those who do not believe in a God. It helps support a minority in their anti-atheist bigotry, where generalised, incorrect statements are made about atheists at large.

This bigotry includes incorrect claims that atheists:

- are morally inferior
- are a cause of evil
- have rejected God and embraced sin
- intend to destroy religion and religious holidays
- have meaningless or decadent lives
- should not be allowed to express their beliefs
- are unsuitable for positions of responsibility

While open debate about atheism is perfectly acceptable, it is absolutely unacceptable for religious persons to denigrate atheists for their lack of religious beliefs. This site aims to put an end to atheophobia and anti-atheist bigotry once and for all.

What You Can Do
This site encourages everyone, regardless of their belief, to reject atheophobia just as they would reject any other form of intolerance. Please do all you can to campaign against anti-atheist bigotry, and encourage others to do the same.

Using this site:

- Please let others know about the site.
- Email links to any bigoted websites to atheophobia-nomore [at] so they can be added to the Hall of Shame
- Forward the 'leaflet', which explains what atheophobia is and why the reasons for it are wrong, to those who may be liable to atheophobia.


- Criticise intolerant views wherever you find them.
- Don't let bigoted remarks go unquestioned.
- Demand equality and respect for atheists and their way of life.
- Encourage greater understanding between atheists and believers. rid society of atheophobia and anti-atheist bigotry once and for all.


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