Monday, February 16, 2009

HASSNERS 8 Statements, February 2009

Humanist - live a good life without religious or superstitious beliefs. More

Atheist - de facto atheist antitheists who affirm, in all probability, that gods do not exist. More

Scientific - science & the scientific method is the best way (eg evolution v creationism) to understand the world. More

Secularist - challenge religious privilege & discrimination. More

Naturalist - the natural world (the Universe) is all that exists; nothing supernatural or mystical. All events may be explained by natural causes. More

Ethical - ethical standards are worked out by every individual, not by gods. More

Rationalist - truth can be discovered by reason. More

Sceptics - disposed to incredulity & doubt hence suspend final judgment; are intellectually cautious & continually test their knowledge. More

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