Thursday, December 27, 2007

"The BHA Local Groups Best Website 2008" competition sponsored by HASSERS - London groups

Central Group
  • events not listed after January 2007
  • HASSERS Rating Central Group Humanists website: 3/10
South London Humanist Groups
Ealing Humanist Association
Hampstead Humanist Society
  • meetup sub-site
    • meetup could be a good means of attracting new members?
  • toxic submarine yellow pages!
  • venues
  • HASSERS Rating Hampstead Humanist Society website: 3/10
Harrow Humanist Society
  • toxic submarine yellow pages!
  • events forthcoming - graphics!
  • HASSERS Rating Harrow Humanist Society website: 2/10

Humanists in Havering

  • HASSERS Rating Humanists in Havering website: 1/10

North London Humanist Group

  • use of colour, fonts, layout and graphics
  • HASSERS Rating North London Humanist Association website: 1/10

Watford Group

Winner of the London Humanists Groups website

Congratulations to
South West London Humanists who go forward to the semi-final of The BHA Local Groups Best Website 2008 HASSERS Competition

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