Saturday, December 15, 2007

Humanist Groups Network

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Humgroups is BHA Member John Catt's website.


If you wish to join the forum please EMail
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The Humanist Groups' Network is an informal organisation that aims to encourage co-operation between the various local Humanist groups and the national organisations promoting Humanism for the benefit of themselves and society in general.

To view the presentation on
"How Groups can use the Web to their advantage"

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Items of interest
List of Local Groups. Groupwise - a guide to establishing a new Group
Resources that may be of use to new and existing groups. Guide to getting publicity.
Other Groups not directly associated. Graces suitable for Humanists
Exposing Samaritan's Purse Shoe Box Appeal Humanist Cards

Group Representatives Annual Meeting (GRAM)


The "Intelligent Design/Creationist lobby have been distributing a very professional looking and glossy booklet attempting to rubbish evolution. The above link will take you to a rebuttal that you may find useful if you are unfortunate enough to find this being distributed in your area.


  1. Hello Hassers

    you might want to check out the recently relaunched Humanist Society of Scotland web site

    And if you could post a link to us that would be great too! thanks

  2. Hi Tim,
    HASSERS reviewed your site here:

    and linked it (see column right) in forums and Humanist sections.

    Please return the favour here:

    thanks, Chris Street, Founder member HASSERS

    HASSERS - Humanist Antireligious Scientific Secularist Ethical Rationalist Sceptics