Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Berkshire Humanists - SACRE Education resources

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The document submitted to Berkshire SACRE proposes that children be taught about Humanism
  • Key Stage 1
    • What alternatives do Humanist offer to the Bible, the Koran and the teachings of the Prophets?
    • a dozen questions
  • Key Stage 2
    • a dozen questions
  • Key Stage 3
    • a dozen questions

Our interest in the field of education is particularly concerned with the provision of Religious Education (RE) in state schools and prayers in school assemblies. State schools are those that are maintained out of public funds under the control of Local Education Authorities.

A new National Framework for RE in state schools, published by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA) in 2004, for the first time recommends the inclusion of Humanism as one of the belief systems that should be taught about in RE.

We want to assist the six Local Authorities and their schools in our area to revise and then implement their RE syllabuses to include Humanism. To that end we seek Humanist representation on their Standing Advisory Councils for RE (SACRE’s).

We have access to the extensive educational resources of the British Humanist Association. In addition to teaching materials we have members who can visit schools to talk about Humanism.

We would like to see the end of prayers in school assembly at the start of the school day. This act of corporate worship is still required by law although it has become impracticable in many schools and the requirement often ignored. In any case, most pupils don’t take it seriously.

Parents are legally entitled to have their children withdrawn from either RE , school prayers or both. We think this is unsatisfactory. It would be far better to remove the problem rather than the children.

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