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Update - ISHTP - India

David Warden, Dorset Humanists committee member visited Swamiji Manavatavadi for a second time in October 2006 and reports on his trip here in IHEU.
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Celebrating Dr. Kohli's 21st Death Anniversary as Kids' Expression
Sun Oct 21, 2007 8:59 am

Noble All,
Humblest Greetings from The International School of Humanitarian
Thoughts and Practice, Kurukshetra, India.

After a 4 months and 12 days Exile
to avoid the bloody Conspiracy of
the Brahmins and the State/District Administration to arrest me with
any non-bailable accusation and torture me in the custody, push me
to make signature on any pre-formatted agreement to usurp this poor
and ever persecuted secular Institution surviving in this doubly
religious town since 1973
and drive us away from this town or force
me to swallow any dreaded poison and officially declare as a suicide
out of feeling insulted,
I returned here on October 17, 2007. As
they couldn't accuse and arrest me because of my escape to USA on
June 5, 2007,
so they hired an anonymous professional killer to kill
me whenever I come back to Kurukshetra.
All our efforts to write to the Chief Minister of Haryana State, the
Governor, Chief Secretary, Chief Justice of Haryana and Punjab High
Court, The Prime Minister of India, the President, the Chief Justice
of Supreme Court, Chairman National Human Rights Commission,
National Commission for Women, Mrs. Sonia Gandhi, President of
Indian National Congress Party now in ruling went unnoticed or
putting any visible effect on the matter for all these days.

Intellectuals and Scientists from USA, Canada, Mexico, UK, The
Netherlands, Spain, France, Italy, Australia and 13 other countries
also wrote to all these Authorities including Indian Ambassadors to
their respective countries
made no visible effect as every where the
Brahmins hold higher positions in all these offices.
The Brahmins also made some suits in the district court with the
secrete counseling with the Kurukshetra Development Board local
office employees and these were also lingering on without any
hearing to make an excuse that the matter is in the court. On August
28, 2007 the transferred non-Brahmin Judge dismissed all the cases
with very strong comments against the Brahmins of misguiding the
court. The Brahmin Deputy Commissioner who was in leadership of
Brahmins to usurp the Institution and drive us away or was the chief
in the conspiracy, was transferred and a non-Brahmin DC replaced in
the second week of September, the Brahmin Chief Executive Officr of
the Kurukshetra Development Board local office also transferred with
a non-Brahmin Officer.

A delegation of 5 persons headed by the Indian National Congress
Party in USA, President Dr. Surender Malhotra met Mrs. Sonia Gandhi
in New York and presented a Memorandum about the incidents happened
with us and asked to conduct an enquiry on the matter by appointing
a commission and
provide me security so that I could return.
On October 8, 2007 a delegation of 12 persons headed by the
President of Indian National Congress Party in USA, Haryana Wing Mr.
Swarn Singh met Mr. Bhupender Singh Hooda Chief Minister of Haryana,
Mr. Phool Chand Mulana and Mr. Tayal IAS, the Principal Secretary in
Jersey City and presented
a memorandum of 75 pages explaining all
matters with already written letters to him asking him to provide
security and to conduct an Enquiry on the matter through a
commission chaired by a supreme court judge. He assured to help.

Sadvi Asha Manav (Deviji) met the new Deputy Commissioner and the
New Superintendent of Police who solicited assurance of security and
said her to call me back.

I flew from New York on October 15, 2007 by Air India flight No 112
and arrived in Delhi on October 17, 2007.

After reaching in Kurukshetra I saw that our children are preparing
to celebrate Dr. Kohli's 21st Death Anniversary on October 23, 2007.
We planned to celebrate it as KIDS' EXPRESSION. Our Kids will
present their talks and poems in a function arranged by Deviji. I
shall circulate the report through this listserve.
We are very much obliged to all those well wishers in USA who
provided me shelter, food, communication facilities, transportation
and all conveniences during my situation forced Exile.
Thanking you all for your kindest supports we remain.


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