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A new website addition: Debate Points


I thought we might try a new section here at called "Debate Points". A lot of people have mentioned that we need to stay on top of the arguments for and against the debate points we will meet. Some seem to never die (Hitler/Stalin, Morality), and we can always improve our arguments. Let's use the comment space on this post to brainstorm some points that we can start discussions on. We can then use the Debate Points category to list some of these, and users can post their thoughts or rebuttals in the comment space. Let's try and be clear and concise, as if these were to be used in a real debate. For example, what would you say if you were to debate Dinesh D'Souza in front of a Christian College?

The link to the Debate Points area is:
( <-- I've also placed a link to it in the left column )

Here are some we can start with (click on each topic to go to its own thread):

Arguments Against Evolution

Hitler, Stalin, Mao, etc. were atheists, and they were terrible!

You can't be moral without God!

Religion is not incompatible with Science: 'Non-Overlapping Magisteria'

Atheism is a religion and you're as bad as the fundamentalists

That's not MY God you're criticising

Science and Religion BOTH make faith claims

I Don't Have Enough Faith to be an Atheist

A Rational Universe Implies a Creator, Science points towards Theism

Pascal's Wager

Arguments From Design, First Cause, Something Rather Than Nothing, Fundamental Constants

You can't prove that you love someone, so don't expect proof of God

Science can answer how questions but only religion can answer why questions

If you don't accept the supernatural, you obviously think life is depressing, meaningless and cold

The Transcendental Argument for God

So what other common debate points can you think of? Please list them below!


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