Sunday, October 21, 2007

Quotes of the week - on Slavery, faith schools, secularism

reposted from: Newsline 19 October 2007
Chris Street comments are in bright green; highlights in blockquotes (yellow).

Quotes of the week
"Whether I like it or not, I belong to the Church which participated in the transatlantic slave trade. The actions of my forebears are my actions. I can't distance myself from the terrible things that the Anglican Church did to my brothers and sisters who were sold as slaves and for that I deeply apologise."
(John Sentamu, Archbishop of York, in a speech at the University of the West Indies)

"Unless we create a system where all children have equal access to a good education, millions of children will be denied a fair start in life,'
(Bob Reitemeier, chief executive, Children's Society, commenting on news that 23% of parents would lie about their beliefs to get their children into a "faith school".)

"If people want to believe in God, the Great Pumpkin, or a Jesus who lives in Missouri, that's up to them. But religion has no place in the public life of a democracy. None."
(Ted Rall, Yahoo News)

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