Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Quotations blog

reposted from: NSS Newsline 5th October

Quotes of the week
"One of the cornerstones of the democratic process is that discussion should be rational and that the bases upon which decisions are reached should be accessible to everyone. Religious beliefs do not fall into that category."
(Brian Eno, Observer)

"From a Muslim point of view, it is imperative that we take God out of politics. The plague of contemporary Muslim political discourse is to inject God and religion into all aspects of politics, turning people off God altogether."
(Ed Hussain, Observer)

"I didn't understand this idea of a God who says, 'You have to acknowledge me. You have to say that I'm the best, and then I'll give you eternal happiness. If you won't, then you don't get it!' It seemed to be about ego. I can't see God operating from ego, so it made no sense to me."
(Brad Pitt, Parade magazine)

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