Friday, August 03, 2007

How many Dorset Humanists have paid to join BHA? Who are members of UK Humanist movement?

Re: Do we need Humanist groups? Posted: 03/02/2007 17:35:49 GMT
Correct me if I am wrong but Maria’s reference to "local groups that are part of a national organisation" could be a bit misleading, as it suggests that local Humanist groups (like the two I have been involved in) are Branches of the BHA. Not only is this not so, I think it is the case that some (how many?) local groups are not even affiliated to the BHA and many local group members (the majority?) are not individual BHA members (true of my area). I am not debating whether this matters (though clearly the BHA would prefer as many as possible to be members / affiliated) but I think it has significant implications for the ’punch’ the BHA can deliver.
From time to time I use the expression ’Humanist Movement’ which I know some members dont like (not quite sure why) to refer to the wider Humanist community including others as well as the BHA ---- eg. Local Groups and their members who are not in the BHA. Scottish Humanist Society, Special Interest Groups who are not BHA members such as GALHA, Family, Student, Vegetarians etc. plus related organisations like Secular Society, RPA, Brights, Naturalistic Pantheists, and Sea of Faith Network, and so on. All this and more is what I call the Humanist Movement and my point is that when the small (although now growing) membership of the BHA is quoted as representing the number of UK Humanists (eg. in discussions concerning their representation, rights, influence, trends etc) is it not a major understatement of our numbers? What would the figure be for this wider organised Humanist Movement I wonder? Could it be realistically estimated?
I think it is an issue of some political significance.

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