Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Ethical Atheist

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We are atheists. However, many people and religious groups have the impression that atheists are immoral, unethical, and otherwise bad people. This could not be further from the truth.

We are good people who believe in ethical behavior; living by the law; helping others; and being ethical, responsible and contributing members of society. However, as you will find on this site, we do not believe in religion, god(s), reincarnation, an afterlife or any other such related nonsense. We abhor this history of the church and the poisoning of our children's minds with mythological stories.

We strongly support science and scientific education. Only by enlightening our fellow man will we continue our progress out of the Dark Ages. However, at every turn, religions and the church are promoting lies and false information about history, science, the world and the universe, see Science, Truth and the Church.

We are NOT closet atheists! We believe in taking active roles to support our cause.

For more on our views, see the following:

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  • On the Religious Criticisms by this Site (a response to frequent emails)
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