Sunday, August 19, 2007

Secular Students Society – are you interested in creating one on your campus?

I'm contacting NSS to get the pack of pack of helpful how-to-go-about-it hints. Maybe DH or BHA could do something similar?

source: NSS Newsline August 17th
Christian Unions, Islamic Societies, – religious groups of all kinds dominate university campuses. Now we're looking for students to create an alternative. Would you like to set up a Secular Students Group at your university or college? Bring together like-minded people who want an end to religious privilege and the creation of a truly democratic secular society? If you would be interested in giving this a go, contact our office for a pack of helpful how-to-go-about-it hints. Ring 020 7404 3126 (during office hours only) for more information or email

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