Sunday, August 19, 2007

Richard Dawkins - Enemies of Reason - The Irrational Health Service (Channel 4, Monday 20 August, 8pm)

Enemies of Reason (Channel 4, Monday 20 August, 8pm)
The subtitle for this concluding episode of Richard Dawkins's lively two-parter is The Irrational Health Service. We spend £1.6 billion a year on alternative medicine – or 'unproven healing magic' – as Richard Dawkins calls it – and he's had enough. As he invited alternative practitioners to defend the claims they make, he's unfailingly polite in situations where he could be forgiven for popping a vein or two. In one hilarious scene a Glastonbury healer called Elisis explains to the eminent biologist about DNA as if he hadn't heard the good news yet. (If I understood her correctly, it's from Atlantis). Sometimes the politeness gets frustrating – when you're dying for a heavyweight bout, all you get is a little light slapping. (Preview from Radio Times).
Source: NSS Newsline 17/8/07

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